About Strategonomics

Founded in Hunt Valley in 1989, Maryland, iWE™ relocated to SantaBarbara, California in 2007, then Mission Viejo, California in 2009, continuing to service clients on both coast, while taking on client engagements in the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

iWE™ help clients in the areas of development management, planning, deal placement and fundraising. Services include small and diversity business startups, retention and expansion. Special focus on ENTERTAINMENT (Amusement, Fashion Design & Retail, Hollywood, Nightlife, “Shopper-tainment”, Sports).

iWE™, as Subject Matter Expert ("SME"), assist clients in gaining a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace through creative, forward- thinking solutions.

Business Philosophy

iWE™ embraces a mission and specialization in helping to lift client iniatives to the next level. transforming challenges into the next level of opportunities.

iWE™ have produced intended results required in a competitive marketplace. Our philosophy and approach to business focuses on obtaining a clear understanding of client’s goals and objectives, and a clear assessment of an ever-changing business environment.

iWE™ are committed to the creation and maintenance of client systems that produce consistent and predictable long-term value, enhancing traditional business models with high tech, savvy new business models

A productive and profitable client environment requires professionals that are sensitive and responsive to change. This level of communication has historically enhanced the likelihood of meeting the goals and objectives established by clients relative to productivity, profitability, and community relations.

iWE™ are experienced at leading multi-discipline teams in most major/secondary markets in the United States. Clients have included fortune 500 firms, governmental agencies, foundations, non-profits, faith-based organizations and individuals.

iWE™ seek creative solutions to challenges and broaden the field of consideration by "looking outside of the box" from all perspectives.


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