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Jimmy Wilson provides global business advisory services to help clients create wealth. Jimmy Wilson can envision the future of business trends, identify those that clients should focus upon, and then use a vast personal network of business contacts to provide the various components that clients need to reach their targeted goals -- and make money.

Jimmy Wilson, a proven leader with an impressive track record in both the public and private sector, has provided confidential advice to Fortune 500 firms, private equity placement firms, governmental agencies (international, national, state and municipal), foundations, non-profits, faith-based organizations and individuals throughout the United States and beyond. Jimmy Wilson has an equal ability to follow, as well as lead in diverse team environments. Genuine interest in cutting-edge strategic business management, planning and implementation; Understanding  of the value of "brand" protection; Disney-style client service sensitivity; Networked and closed deals with numerous influentials; A seasoned speaker and conference presenter; Technology savvy; And, by all accounts, a quick study.

Clients include or have included governments (states, cities, municipalities), Fortune 500 firms, non-profit organizations (involved in grass- roots community revitalization), and individuals, including regular folks who want to start up a business, as well as well- heeled Entertainment Celebs and Icons (Hollywood, Fashion, Sports, Amusement, Nightlife) who want to own their own nightclubs, restaurants, retail shops, spa/fitness centers, etc.

A pioneering African American in the commercial shopping center industry, Jimmy Wilson took a leadership role in the corporate management model of leveraging people assets through diversity and teaming, and is experienced at leading multi-disciplinary teams in most major markets in the United States, as well as the Middle East.

Jimmy Wilson has been engaged to provide Healthcare Retail Strategic Planning for Qatar Foundation/Sidra Medical & Research Center in Doha, Qatar (Middle East). The $9 billion medical campus being built in the new "Education City" - primarily for women and children -- will have the distinction as only the second all-digital, paperless healthcare system in the world. SMRC will have healthcare (retail) amenities to distract and reduce stress for the thousands of patients, visitors, families, and staff who come there.

Jimmy Wilson is designing retail schemes that will allow for dining, shopping, fitness work outs, without leaving the medical campus. This requires figuring out which are the appropriate businesses to locate on the campus, designing  floor plans for where each unit should be located, then actually recruiting "world class" businesses (such as cafes, florists, bakers, brand apparel, etc) to occupy and operate storefronts on the campus. If an individual has a great idea, but does not yet own a store, Jimmy Wilson helps with the business planning, market research, design, branding, financial component, construction, grand opening and marketing. Jimmy Wilson is busy searching the globe for world class, "best-in-class", 5-Star restaurants and up-street brand retail, spa/fitness centers, etc.

Jimmy Wilson was awarded an engagement to provide a Professional Business Plan for a Development Authority in Texas, responsible for the commercialization of a 1,250-acre site (with 400 buildings), formerly occupied by a military base that is closing under BRAC.

Jimmy Wilson partnered with a marketing research firm in completing a Market Condition Analysis and Retail Plan for the City of Frederick, Maryland.

Jimmy Wilson was engaged by Johns Hopkins/HEBCAC to facilitate a Professional Strategic Business Plan and community outreach for its $2 billion Biotechnology Park and neighborhood revitalization that required relocation of 500 families. Jimmy Wilson crafted "Rules of Engagement" that resulted in a Business Inclusion Agreement--- approved by the community and its political leaders--- that propelled the redevelopment initiative to the next level.

Jimmy Wilson has directed commercial real estate development management, retail merchandising and leasing for 14 regional urban marketplaces and shopping centers, comprising 16 states and associated field offices, with grand opening attendances in excess of 4.5 million spectators.

Managed by Jimmy Wilson, cumulative project management sales and marketing staffs, nationwide exceeded 84, generating retail sales in excess of $2.5 billion. Responsibilities expanded to managing 16 national retail chain accounts, institutionalizing "graduated rents", "co-branding", and execution of "letters of intent", becoming standards widely used in the industry today.

Jimmy Wilson has owned seven businesses (Detroit, Philadelphia, New York, District of Columbia, Maryland and California) in fields as diverse as business and economic development advisory services, development management implementation, retail, fast food and restaurant operation.

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